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Sports Medicine
If you’re an athlete, you already know that each muscle and joint in your body plays a pivotal role in your game. What steps should you be taking to protect yourself, prevent injury, and fully heal and recover if an injury does occur? Korina Galaraga at 39th Ave Physical Therapy in Queens, New York, specializes in providing you with the guidance and treatment you need to stay in your best shape and prevent life-altering sports injuries. Contact her office today to get started.

Sports Medicine Q & A

How do I find a sports medicine physical therapist?

While all physical therapists provide therapy for your sports-related injury, only a select few offer a full range of sports medicine services to include maximizing your performance and injury prevention.

Korina Galaraga at 39th Ave Physical Therapy in Queens, New York is an ideal option if you’re seeking a physical therapist who can help you every step of the way. She aims to make you a better athlete today, prevent injuries tomorrow, and help you heal fully and quickly after injuries occur.

What are the goals for treatment?

At 39th Ave Physical Therapy, the goals of treatment are extensive, all-encompassing, and include:

  • Providing services, tools, and resources you need to be the best athlete you can be
  • Ensuring that you can restore your muscle or joint to function
  • Working to keep you pain-free, both immediately and long-term
  • Performing exercises designed to expand your range of motion, endurance, and strength
  • Providing education and strength to prevent future injuries from occurring

How many appointments are required?

How frequently you need to see Korina Galaraga depends on your condition, the goals of your treatment, and your ability or willingness to perform stretches and exercises at home.

During your initial appointment, she develops a treatment plan and shares the details – including your proposed appointment schedule – with you before you leave. Doing so ensures you have adequate time to prepare for appointments in advance.

How long will I be on restrictions?

If you were injured on the court or field, Korina Galaraga might recommend a period of rest to promote healing. Rest can range from just a few days to several months, depending on the severity of your injury and the treatment required.

The most important thing you can do to expedite your healing time is following the instructions your doctor and physical therapist gave you, even if it means sitting out.

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