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Post Rehab Before/After Surgery
If you’re like many patients, you look forward to the completion of your muscle, ligament, or joint surgery because of all the things it can offer you, such as alleviation of pain and return to regular activities. But did you know that if you don’t do all the right things after surgery, you can end up with more debilitating damage than you had before? Finding a physical therapist you trust is an integral step in the process. To learn more about the role of physical therapy in preparation for and following surgery, contact physical therapist Korina Galaraga at 39th Ave Physical Therapy in Queens, New York, today.

Post Rehab Before/After Surgery Q & A

How long will I need physical therapy after my surgery?

Your physical therapist will aim to achieve several goals including full range of motion, effective pain management, improved strength, and patient education to prevent further injuries.

The number of weeks that you need to be in physical therapy to achieve those goals varies depending on the procedure performed, your age, your ability and willingness to complete your exercises and stretches and comply with restrictions, and other factors.

A visit with Korina Galaraga at 39th Ave Physical Therapy today can help you determine what you can expect during your recovery.

Will my insurance cover my physical therapy appointments?

Most insurance companies cover physical therapy when it’s medically necessary and appropriate, but it’s important to keep in mind that every policy is different. The only way to know what you can expect for coverage is to reference your insurance policy or call your insurance carrier to find out.

Is physical therapy painful?

Korina Galaraga’s goal is to improve your strength and range of motion each week without causing pain or discomfort.

However, some treatments can be uncomfortable, and many patients are sore after their appointment. Also remember that discomfort is different from pain. You can reasonably expect the former, but if you feel the latter, you should immediately let her know so she can adjust your treatment plan.

Can physical therapy help me manage my pain during recovery?

Yes. One of Korina Galaraga’s goals is to reduce the pain you experience on a daily basis while you’re recovering from surgery.

Pay close attention to your pain on a daily basis and make an effort to rate and record it on a scale of one to ten once or twice a day. Share this information with Korina Galaraga during your appointment so she can measure the efficacy of treatment and recommend changes if necessary.

If you’re interested in using physical therapy to recover from surgery, call or click today to schedule your first appointment at 39th Ave Physical Therapy.

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