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Physical Therapy
Physical therapy provides a broad range of benefits from maximizing your athletic performance and preventing injuries to promoting healing and a full recovery after an injury or surgery. If you're considering physical therapy, Korina Galaraga can eliminate pain and maximize functioning at 39th Ave Physical Therapy in Queens, New York. Furthermore, you can expect an understanding approach that takes your personal treatment goals, barriers to success, and comfort into consideration every step of the way. Click or call today to schedule your initial consultation.

Physical Therapy Q & A

How can I ensure I choose the right physical therapist?

Successful physical therapy requires engagement from you and your physical therapist. Because you’re more likely to be engaged in your treatment plan when you like your physical therapist and understand the impact of each exercise and stretch, a positive therapist-patient relationship is critical for success.

Choosing a physical therapist by closing your eyes and pointing at the phonebook is totally inadvisable; instead, you should visit your choices face to face.

A personal visit allows you to evaluate their interest in you as a patient, their commitment to your recovery, and their approach to challenges and barriers. Korina Galaraga, for example, recommends choosing a physical therapist who’s honest about what you can expect, dedicated to your success, and open to your opinions.

How do I find a physical therapist willing to treat children?

Most physical therapists can treat children, so you should narrow your search to therapists who specialize in treating them. These therapists are more likely to have sincere interest and experience in treating younger patients.

Korina Galaraga at 39th Ave Physical Therapy especially enjoys treating children and adolescents, and aims to alleviate the fear and worry associated with treatment first and foremost.

How long will it take to see improvement?

If you choose Dr. Galarga, she always aims to provide treatment that relieves pain both immediately and indefinitely. While it can take a few weeks to see improvement in function, you should see improvement in your pain levels within just a few treatments.

What are the goals of physical therapy?

Korina Galaraga at 39th Ave Physical Therapy provides treatment with these five goals in mind:

  • Relieve your pain
  • Promote and expedite healing
  • Regain complete functioning
  • Protect the injured area
  • Prevent future injuries

She achieves these objectives through a combination of physical therapy techniques, exercises, stretches, and education.

Your active participation in the treatment plan is an integral component of rehabilitation, so Korina Galaraga focuses on getting and keeping you engaged throughout the treatment process.

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